Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are there restrictions on annual mileage for leased cars?

When you start your leasing contract with Avatar Vehicles, you agree an estimate of your total mileage throughout the lease. If you drive over the agreed mileage, you will incur an extra charge. However these fees are agreed with you in advance.

2. Who has responsibility for insuring leased vehicles?

When you lease a vehicle, it is entirely your responsibility to take care of the insurance.

3. Can I claim back VAT on leased cars?

The amount of VAT you can reclaim on your leased vehicle depends entirely on how much the car is used for business and how much for personal use. You can only reclaim the VAT on business contract hire and lease finance contracts. We suggest you talk to your accountant about the VAT and tax implications of your vehicle lease. You can usually only recover up to 50% of the VAT on the finance, and 100% on maintenance. Private lease contract users are not allowed to reclaim the VAT.

4. Why do you do different deals for private and business lease?

Our lease deals for business are exclusive of VAT, while our private lease deals are inclusive of VAT.

5. How can Avatar Vehicles offer such low prices?

Avatar Vehicles sell hundreds of cars and vans from the manufacturers and dealers every year. This immense buying power allows us to pass on our low prices to you, the customer.

6. Why are there a range of different prices for the same vehicle?

The price differences between private and business car lease contracts are usually to do with VAT. Business rates are shown exclusive of VAT, private lease is inclusive of VAT.

7. What are the maintenance implications of leasing a car?

It is your responsibility to ensure that the vehicle you lease is adequately maintained. Our prices do not include maintenance; however we can add it to the contract if you prefer. Our maintenance packages include full servicing in line with the manufacturer's recommendations, replacement tyres as necessary, brakes, pads and all other serviceable items throughout the contract

8. Would it be more cost-effective to lease a car on a personal or business contract?

The answer to this question depends entirely on your VAT status. A business lease contract is designed with VAT-registered businesses in mind.

9. What is the difference between all of the lease finance packages available?

There are a number of alternative ways of leasing a car - essentially the difference between all of our contracts is the flexibility to retain the car at the end of the lease. You may want to keep your car at the end of the lease; you may want to return it; or you may want the flexibility to decide later on in the contract.

10. I can't find the car I want on your website. What do I do?

At Avatar Vehicles we have deals with most vehicle manufacturers, so if you are looking for a particular make and model of car that is not on our website, please let us know and we will find it for you

11. Do you only lease cars to established businesses?

There are no guidelines as to who we lease cars to - we deal with both business and personal clients

12. I used to have a company car, and am now opting out of the scheme. Can you help?

Yes, definitely! We are able to offer you advice and then car leasing or purchase on a personal basis.

13. What are the advantages of leasing a car?

There are many advantages to leasing a car instead of buying. Principally, if you lease a car for 3 years, you can then return it at the end of the contract and lease another brand new car. Budgeting is easier as you can spread the payments over 2 to 4 years, instead of paying all at once.

14. What if I change my mind about the type of contract I want?

The only aspect of a lease contract you can change once you are in possession of a vehicle is the mileage. You can change the agreed mileage as long as there are 6 months left on the contract.

15. Does the lease cost include maintenance?

We can offer maintenance contracts, which we add to the cost of the contract. All the prices quoted on this site are exclusive of maintenance.

16. Do I need to pay a deposit?

When you lease a vehicle from us, a standard contract will require you to pay a deposit of three months up front. However our contracts can be tailored to your specific needs. The rates quoted on this site are for our standard lease contracts: contact us to discuss your needs.

17. Are all of your cars brand new?

Yes, all cars supplied by Avatar Vehicles are brand new - unless stated otherwise. That's the beauty of leasing your car: your vehicle is always as young as you want it to be!