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Car leasing could not be easier with Avatar Vehicles. We are based in South Queensferry near Edinburgh and, with over 25 years of experience, we pride ourselves on offering the most professional and friendly vehicle leasing experience for our clients. We're able to provide both personal deals and business deals with expert advice to get the exact vehicle to suit you and your pocket.

With deliveries free of charge all over mainland Scotland and the rest of the UK, you couldn’t be in safer hands than with Avatar Vehicles.

We receive excellent feedback and testimonials from all of our satisfied customers and would be delighted to offer our free advice and quotes to you too – get in touch now so that we can help you weigh up the different options available!

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Established in 2006

A Quick Guide to Buying Versus Leasing a Car or Van

Find out why You should Lease your next vehicle purchase.

Avatar Vehicles prides itself on offering some of the best deals online

Providing unbeatable Vehicle Leasing Deals directly to your door.

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You want a brand new car or van - you normally Buy, but you've heard of Leasing and Contract Hire - what is the best way?

(The great thing is that here at Avatar Vehicles we can help you with both methods of acquiring a new car – so we can be completely unbiased in our advice)

Key Benefits of Vehicle Leasing

Your initial payment and monthly rentals are going to be cheaper than if you bought the car.

You can afford to drive a nicer car than if you were paying to buy a car.

You are renewing regularly – so the car is always reliable and smart, reducing breakdowns and unforeseen costs.

You avoid having to go and ‘haggle’ with car dealerships and there is no need to worry about the value of your old Part Exchange each time you change your car.

Road Tax is included in the price and full Maintenance and Tyre cover can be included too.

You know exactly how much your brand new car is going to cost you over the period of the agreement – these fixed costs make it far easier for you budget for your car running costs in advance..

Key Benefits of Buying a Vehicle

You own the vehicle so have something physical to sell at the end.

You can sell the vehicle at any time – whereas with a Lease you are tied into the contract length.

You can do as many miles as you like each year –whereas you need to keep the lease firm updated if you end up doing more mileage than you had estimated.


In a nutshell – there are pros and cons to both – but we will guide and advise you of what will suit you best, whether you are a Business Owner, a Private Individual, a Company Director or Self Employed – we can help in all cases.

And once you decide, then we can work on providing an unbeatable deal for you, and arrange for the car or van to be delivered right to your door! We can source vehicles from all over the UK, so we can ensure to get the right car at the right price at the right time for you.

Let’s get you in the driving seat of the car you would love – get in touch and let’s get the wheels in motion to get it arranged!